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Key Features

  • ALEX SXT EV Camera Body
  • EVF-1 Electronic Viewfinder with Bracket
  • SXR & XR Media Drive Adapters
  • WA-1 Video Wedge Plate Adapter

ARRI ALEXA SXT PL-Mount Overview

The ALEXA SXT EV Basic Camera Set (LDS PL) from ARRI includes the SXT EV camera body with an LDS PL lens mount, SXR and XR recording media adapters, and the EVF-1 electronic viewfinder with a mounting bracket and cable. The ALEXA SXT EV digital cine camera records in UHD 4K, Cine 4K, 2K, and HD with 16-bit processing for sharp, natural-looking images. Use this basic set to start building your ALEXA SXT EV camera rig.


Expanding upon the original ALEXA digital cinema camera, the ARRI ALEXA SXT EV Camera Body (LDS PL) records in UHD 4K, Cine 4K, 2K, and HD with 16-bit processing for sharp, natural-looking images. The versatile ALEXA SXT EV delivers an array of recording format choices in ARRIRAW and ProRes including 6:5 and 8:9 anamorphic modes (with SUP 3.0). With a base sensitivity of EI 800 and a dynamic range of 14 plus stops, your footage is effectively future-proofed for compatibility with HDR displays. The ALEXA SXT EV's Wide Color Gamut exceeds current display standards and is compatible with the Rec 2020 color space. Full-image frame rates of up to 120 fps enable capture for higher-clarity HFR (high frame rate) projects.

The ALEXA SXT EV's improved image-processing system includes the ability to "bake-in" 3D LUTs at capture, a mild noise reduction feature (ANR), and a pixel correction function. ARRIRAW recording is optimized for VFX and archival capture, with uncompressed data available for sculpting with today and tomorrow's latest post-production processing. The look management architecture has been updated with the new ARRI Color Tool (ACT) and ARRI Look File (ALF-2), offering the ability to maintain your look from prep to post with on-set grading. Look files are stored in your recordings' metadata, enabling the automatic application of your on-set look to dailies, proxies, and editing files using popular NLE systems.

User-friendly features include the ability to apply customized settings to each of the ALEXA SXT EV's outputs (EVF and three monitor outs), enabling the director, DP, DIT, or A.C. to see just the on-screen information they need, in SDR or HDR, in the color space of their choice. Standard and high-speed recording rates are now accessible in the same mode, eliminating the need to switch to a high-speed mode. Multiple control options include the right-side 3" LCD display, a condensed operator-side (left) interface, Ethernet-based browser control, and compatibility with the optional RCU-4 or WCU-4 control units.

The modular ALEXA SXT family includes the flexibility of recording to the current or future media of your choice for each of your projects. Capture options include XR, and SXR capture drives with write speeds of up to 20 Gb/s, SxS PRO and SxS PRO+ cards, and CFast 2.0 cards. Faster in-camera processing speeds and capture to SXR drives boost the ALEXA SXT EV's maximum frame rates. RAID 1 (mirroring) capture provides additional data security for ALEXA SXT ProRes files.

The ARRI LDS (lens data system) PL mount, the IFM-1 filter holder, shoulder mount, and 15mm LWS rod support are integrated into the ALEXA SXT EV. A 5-pin XLR connector supports 2-channel, 24-bit, 48 kHz audio. Choose from separately available Gold or V-mount battery plates, or an AC power supply to power the camera.

Excellent Image Quality & High Dynamic Range

  • The ALEXA SXT family combines the powerful image processing of the ALEXA 65 with the familiar design of the original ALEXA user interface, producing sharp, natural-looking footage.
  • A base sensitivity of EI 800 with a dynamic range of 14 plus stops effectively future-proofs your output for compatibility with HDR displays.
  • The ALEXA SXT records in a WCG (Wide Color Gamut) exceeding current displays, and is compatible with the Rec 2020 color space.
  • Record up to 120 fps for compatibility with HFR (high frame rate) display outputs.

Wide Array of Recording Formats

  • Choose from 14 in-camera recording formats, all of which are available in both full-fledged ARRIRAW, and smaller file ProRes options.
  • Format options include 16:9 ProRes UHD 4K, Open Gate ProRes 4K Cine, economical 6:5 ProRes 2K Anamorphic and 6:5 ProRes 4K Cine Anamorphic, the VFX-friendly 4:3 ProRes 2.8K, the high-res Open Gate ProRes 3.4K, and the versatile 16:9 ARRIRAW 3.2K.

Anamorphic Solutions

  • The ALEXA's tall sensor is sized almost exactly the same as 35mm film, enabling anamorphic lenses to maintain their native fields of view.
  • The ALEXA SXT'S efficient 6:5 sensor mode is equivalent to 1.194:1 image area, the same as half of the classic 2.39:1 CinemaScope aspect ratio. Use this mode to capture only the image area needed for a 2.39 output, with higher frame rates, higher ProRes resolutions, and fewer steps in post than the earlier 4:3 mode.
  • ALF-2 files are stored in your recording's metadata, enabling your dailies and proxy editing files to display the same look as your master files. Supported systems include DaVinci Resolve, Colorfront OSD, Codex Production Suite, Pomfort Silverstack, and Filmlight Daylight.

Consistent Look Management

  • A new ARRI Color Tool (ACT) and ARRI Look File (ALF-2) enable you to create new looks in-camera. For easy multi-camera coordination, these looks are compatible with ALEXA Mini and AMIRA cameras.
  • Lock in your look on set with the ALEXA SXT's live, on-set grading in Rec 709 or Rec 2020. Compatible third-party systems include Pomfort LiveGrade, Codex Live, Colorfront On-Set Live, Filmlight Prelight, Technicolor DP Lights, and more.
  • The same look management can be automatically applied when using NLE systems such as Avid Media Composer, Apple Final Cut Pro X, and Adobe Premiere Pro.


  • Use with the adapter of your choice to record to SxS PRO or SxS PRO+ cards, CFast 2.0 cards, and XR or SXR capture drives
  • Multiple control options include Ethernet-based browser control and compatibility with the optional RCU-4 and WCU-4 control units
  • Integrated PL lens mount with LDS (lens data system)
  • The built-in IFM-1 filter holder accepts one of eight separately available ND filters
  • Use with separately available Gold or V-mount battery plates
  • Integrated shoulder arch, and 15mm LWS rod support

ARRI Codex SXR Capture Drive Adapter

Use the Codex SXR Capture Drive Adapter from ARRI to mount an SXR drive on an ALEXA SXT or ALEXA LF camera. Compatible ALEXA SXT models include the ALEXA SXT EV, SXT Plus, SXT Studio, and SXT W.

ARRI SD Memory Card for ALEXA Cameras

This 16GB SD Memory Card for ALEXA Cameras from ARRI can be used for saving or loading a variety of camera functions. Use it for LUTs, user preference settings, framelines, frame grabs, license keys, and lens tables for the LDS archive. It may also be employed when installing SUPs (software update packets).

ARRI EVF-1 Electronic Viewfinder for Most ALEXA Cameras

The ARRI EVF-1 Electronic Viewfinder for ALEXA provides a low-latency, film-style image display. An on-screen menu provides both EVF and basic camera control. This FLCOS micro-display panel has a resolution of 1280 x 784, and includes a surround view that enables you to spot objects just outside your recorded image frame. Glass optics give the EVF-1 a high-contrast, evenly-illuminated viewing area.

Controls include a jog wheel, a Zoom button with 2.25x pixel-to-pixel magnification for checking focus, and an Exposure button for engaging a false-color exposure check. Features include customizable framelines, camera and lens info displays, and an image flip function.


  • Film-style image display with latency of <1>
  • Provides EVF and basic camera controls
  • Glass optics provide a high-contrast, low-distortion display
  • Surround view enables you to spot objects just outside your recorded frame
  • 2.25x zoom function for checking focus
  • False-color exposure check, and an image-flip function

Compatible Cameras

  • ALEXA Classic, ALEXA Classic with XR Module
  • ALEXA XT, ALEXA SXT (requires EVA-1 adapter)
  • ALEXA Classic Studio, ALEXA Classic Studio with XR Module
  • ALEXA XT Studio (requires EVA-1 adapter)

ARRI VMB-3 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket

The ARRI VMB-3 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket provides a sturdy mounting option for your ALEXA's electronic viewfinder. This bracket provides left/right, and up/down movement of the EVF, as well as 360° of rotation, and left- or right-side positioning on the camera. Features include an integrated bubble level, and one 3/8"-16 accessory-mounting thread.


  • For ARRI ALEXA cameras
  • Compatible with ARRI EVF-1, and select 15mm LWS-mount viewfinders
  • Enables left/right, and up/down movement of the EVF, 360° of rotation, and left- or right-side positioning on the camera
  • 15mm LWS rod standard
  • Built-in bubble level, and one 3/8"-16 accessory thread

Compatible Cameras

  • ALEXA Mini
  • ALEXA Classic, ALEXA Classic with XR Module

    Requires EVA-1 adapter:
  • ALEXA Classic Studio, ALEXA Classic Studio with XR Module
  • ALEXA XT Studio, ALEXA SXT Studio

ARRI KC 150-S Short EVF-1 Viewfinder Cable (1.2')

The 1.2' KC 150-S Short EVF-1 Viewfinder Cable from ARRI connects the EVF-1 viewfinder to select ALEXA cameras. This shorter cable eliminates the need to wrap any excess length of cable.

ARRI CCH-1 Center Camera Handle for Select ALEXA Cameras

The ARRI CCH-1 Center Camera Handle is a sturdy carrying handle featuring multiple 3/8"-16 threaded holes for attaching accessories. Designed for use with select ALEXA cameras (listed below), it attaches to the top of the camera via three screws.

Terms & Conditions :-

Please Do the health check of booked equipment before taking them out on rent from the store...

Once equipment booked for a specific time slot cannot be cancelled in between.

In case of emergency we will charge 50% of the booked equipments of the rental cost if cancelled within 48 hours.

Delivery and pic up of the booked equipment's are subject to availability of the runners on the floor.

Any technical issue will not be consider as rental discount, it can be considered in case of hardware issue.

At the time of delivery if equipment's working fine then discount will not be considered.

Any delay in recurring on accessories will be charged Rs. 200/- per day. (Such as battery, charger, memory cards and cables etc.)

At the time of pickup of equipment 80% security cheque of MRP value of the product cheque must be provided.

Rental period is for 24 hour.

Pick-up and delivery charge is depend upon the availability of runner Rs. 300/- per side charge is applicable.

In case of emergency we will charge 50% of the booked equipments of the rental cost if cancelled within 48 hours.

Taxes is extra i:e GST.

Fully payment is made at the time of pick-up of equipments (100% Advance).

Cash and card payment is accepted.(Cheque is after realization of payment).

Rental service is for only Delhi NCR Customers.

Collect your security cheque if you haven't taken any rental equipment within 03 month OR 90 days.

One camera body consist of (one battery & charger, one memory card, neck strap, and camera case).

In case of damage or theft or any loss of the equipment's you will be responsible for repair or replacement as the case maybe.

Damage check will happen once the product products reaches our office.

For rental service we have a registration process below listed documents is required for registration :

1. In case of individual registration any two documents (like: PAN Card, Voter ID, Driving License, Passport, Aadhaar, Gas connection bill electricity bill, rent agreement valid date and government employee ID Card etc.)


2. In case company registration any two documents (Like: company pan card, list of directors on letter head of company, MoA, company electricity bill and water bill etc.)

3. Rs. 100/- cheque in favour of "RGB Films Private Limited".(Non Refundable) {For the purpose of verification of signature and account activation.}

4. At the time of pick-up of equipment's 80%of MRP value of the products security cheque must be provided. Once you returned the equipment's the cheque will be returned.

5. Bank statement of last one month or at least 10 Last Transaction.

6. One passport size photo.

7. The registration process takes 03-pt working Days for the completion of registration process.(Rs 100/- cheque must be credited before renting .)

8. Only Delhi NCR documents is accepted.

9. For outside Delhi special approval is required.

10. Fill the complete rental form.

11. Kindly, go through the terms & condition before renting and registration.