Back-Bone Gear Ribcage H7PRO Modified Gopro HERO 7 Black

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Key Features
•    Interchangeable M12, CS & C-Mounts
•    Includes Native HERO7 Black Lens
•    Use Numerous Professional C-Mount Lenses
•    Use Entaniya& Other 360 Capture Lenses
•    Back-Bone Gear Ribcage Overview
•    Based on the GoPro HERO7 Black, theRibcage H7PRO Modified GoPro HERO7 Black from Back-Bone Gear offers the versatile recording options and durability of the HERO7 platform while opening up the world of readily available interchangeable lenses. The added C-Mount can accept M12 and CS-Mount lenses using included adapters. Lenses supported by these mounts have been around for many years, yielding many cost-effective yet high-quality creative options with a variety of looks and fields of view. The original GoPro HERO7 lens has been included along with a custom lens adapter ring for usability right out of the box.

Since only the front of the camera is modified, the convenient features built into the HERO7 remain such as voice control, GPS, image stabilization, and the touchscreen. Plus, all the high frame rates and recording options such as 4K60 and 1080p240 provide great ways to create dramatic imagery of your adventures.
•    Lens Options
•    The HERO7's native fisheye lens is suitable mainly for action and sports. The H7PRO gives you the flexibility to customize the camera with your choice of lens to take advantage of the HERO7's power and small form factor in a wide variety of applications. The H7PRO is compatible with M12, CS-Mount, and C-Mount lenses, and most other popular lens types can also be mounted with optional adapters.
•    Enable Spherical Video Capture
•    Mount a circular fisheye lens, such as those from Entaniya and iZugar, for an ultra-wide field of view. With multiple cameras, a full sphere can be captured. The wider FOV allows for simpler stitching algorithms to be employed, as fewer cameras are needed for the full spherical capture. When stitching two cameras, the maximum resolution supported is 5.7K at 60 fps.
•    Use with Drones and Gimbals
•    The H7PRO is compatible with the GoPro Karma stabilizer when using small M12 lenses, and it can be mounted onto other aerial platforms and gimbals designed for the HERO7 Black. Customize your field of view by choosing your own lens—there's no need to sacrifice resolution for more zoom.
•    Sidearm Tripod Mount Bracket
•    The included Sidearm bracket replaces the port cover on the H7PRO and introduces four standard tripod mounting points.
•    Filters
•    The camera's IR cut filter can be removed to shoot in the infrared spectrum, and optional custom optical filters can be added to fit your application. With the appropriate optional lenses and filters, you can shoot NIR or NDVI.
•    Custom Applications
•    The H7PRO can be connected to microscopes, telescopes, scientific equipment, and surgical imaging equipment via optional adapters.


Terms & Conditions :-

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In case of emergency we will charge 50% of the booked equipments of the rental cost if cancelled within 48 hours.

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At the time of delivery if equipment's working fine then discount will not be considered.

Any delay in recurring on accessories will be charged Rs. 200/- per day. (Such as battery, charger, memory cards and cables etc.)

At the time of pickup of equipment 80% security cheque of MRP value of the product cheque must be provided.

Rental period is for 24 hour.

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In case of emergency we will charge 50% of the booked equipments of the rental cost if cancelled within 48 hours.

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Cash and card payment is accepted.(Cheque is after realization of payment).

Rental service is for only Delhi NCR Customers.

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One camera body consist of (one battery & charger, one memory card, neck strap, and camera case).

In case of damage or theft or any loss of the equipment's you will be responsible for repair or replacement as the case maybe.

Damage check will happen once the product products reaches our office.

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